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At Airsys, we are a leading distributor in secure instant communications. Operating in over 35 countries, our simple goal is to combine global distribution with local solutions to support our reseller network.

Listen • Solve • Deliver


2022 marks 30 years since the establishment of Airsys

In this time, we have become one of Europe’s leading distributors in instant communications providing a full range of products, services and training. Read more

At Airsys Europe, we are more than just a distributor of two-way radio, accessories and network equipment. We are your partner, providing: products, services and training, that are personally chosen by Airsys Europe, to empower your business.

Distributing for key manufacturers

With their innovative products; Motorola Solutions are a leading manufacturer of two-way radios and accessories.


Here to grow your business

Offering effective support to both you and your business, Airsys Europe can help pave the way for leading growth and success.


Global distributor: Local quality

We are a valued added service provider, committed to local quality.


Listen • Solve • Deliver

With our trusted listen, solve, deliver, approach, our friendly and welcoming team provide fit-for-purpose equipment, when it is needed most.


Why Airsys Europe

As a company who work closely with our partners, we pride ourselves on the strong relationships we form, as well as the services we provide. With our unique set of value-adds, Airsys Europe is more than a simple "box shifter".


Purchasing stock has never been so easy!

At Airsys, our product range remains the most comprehensive and advanced in the industry. From stand-alone units, to fully integrated network solutions, all aspects of analogue and digital based systems are available in one location.

Together with over €5,500,000 of stock holding, we guarantee 98% availability of our catalogue lines, enabling us to ensure a consistently high level of service for your business.


We are here to help you grow your business.

Our region-based team, are able to respond to issues quickly and professionally. Airsys Europe can enhance your service offering, by providing specific marketing campaigns with stock, when you need it and enhancements on your delivery capabilities.

We discuss credit requirements to suit you, with information about our product knowledge, whilst maintaining value and effective, local, end-to-end support.


With over 40 years’ technical experience, our highly trained team can offer a complete engineering package solution, to ensure continued operation for both hardware and software use.

Our Airsys Europe technical team is a successful and forward-thinking department, who will become embedded in your solution design and implementation processes to create a clear strategy to ensure you gain a competitive edge.

Our listen, solve, deliver methodology, ensures we take the time to understand the issues you or your customers are facing. We then work with you, to engineer a solution that incorporates hardware, software and services to solve the problem. The final stage is to deliver the solution with you, in an effective way.


In a hurry and under pressure to supply?

We know the importance of having stock available and delivered quickly. With our stock holding and delivery service, we can ensure that you receive your items when you need them. Buy from Airsys Europe and our warehouse will ship your order the same working day.


We understand the importance of having flexible, local demonstrations from a team of trained professionals, in both hardware and software solutions.

Airsys Stats

As a distributor we listen, solve, deliver. We understand the importance of flexibility
and how this is key in enabling us to continually deliver the kind of value the channel expects.









Frequently Asked Questions

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As a key reseller, you will have a dedicated Account Manager who will support you on all matters relating to your account. You will have full access to our extensive product portfolio and technical expertise.
Registration is free and only takes a few minutes. Once registered, you will have access to an vast product portfolio and technical support, that could increase your revenue. Contact the Airsys Europe team to register today.
Push-to-Talk over Broadband (BBPTT), is a solution to allow instant and global communication at the push of a button, over a Wi-Fi or broadband cellular network. With our BBPTT, you can benefit from:
  • enhanced operations
  • greater functionality
  • increased productivity
  • fast and secure communications
Our commitment is to provide service excellence and unrivalled product choice. We pride ourselves on the close relationships we have formed with our partners and deliver technical, sales and marketing support.
Our listen, solve, deliver, methodology, ensures we take the time to understand the issues you or your customers are facing. We then work with you to engineer a solution that incorporates hardware, software and services to solve the problem. The final stage is to deliver the solution with you in an effective way.
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